The Great Walls of Denver is pretty self -explanatory. Our team of two spend countless hours chasing down the best street art, murals, and graffiti the city has to offer. Then we transform those moments into photographs that last forever — mementos of great walls to hang on your walls. In our photos, taken by photographer Peter Kowalchuk, you'll see murals shine amidst their surroundings, like wild animals in the vast urban forests.


Of course, a HUGE part of our endeavor is due to the artists who put their time, energy, skill, and love into each wall. This means that every piece we photograph is taken with the consent and blessing of the artist responsible. And that artist is rightfully compensated as well.


Peter has been working on project-oriented photography projects for more than 40 years. He retired after a career in Corporate Communication and now spends all his time working on his photo projects. In late 2017, he became interested in the murals he saw in downtown Denver. That interest became an obsession and led to his constantly growing collection of more than 800 high-quality mural photos he’s made all over Denver.


Cori Anderson is the founder of The Street Art Network - an art consulting firm dedicated to spreading street art. Through The Street Art Network, Cori organizes events to uplift, connect and inspire street artists, helps facilitate mural commissions and educates fans about the contemporary art form. Spend an hour with her in the city and you will see it in a completely new light. She has gained exclusive access to the Denver art and culture scene through her reporting in 303 Magazine. Since a young age, she's wanted to cultivate an appreciation for street art in others by explaining her own passion for it.


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